There has been some interest in having a Reuion of the Kimball Knight Beats. I have been in discussion with the current Kimball Band Director, Mr. Abe Williams III who has indicated that he would be interested in hosting a Reunion of former Knight Beats. In addition, there has not been an active jazz band program at Kimball since around 1980 or so. Abe is interested in starting a jazz band program at Kimball again and is asking for help from former Knight Beats to possibly "mentor" his students. It was suggested that maybe the Reunion group could perform at the Kimball Senior Day in May. We are hoping to have both Steve Bayless and Darrell Chambers back to particiapte with the Reunion group. These two men directed the group in its "heyday." If any of you former Knightbeats are interested in this, please contact me at [email protected], or Abe Williams at [email protected].

Steve Cumming, President
Kimball Alumni Association