wasn't what I had hoped after reading a review in DMN and getting a recommendation from an acquaintance. Bonnie and I tried the one on Royal Lane as it was handy to our location for the weekend in Farmer's Branch. The chicken fried steak was so-so to my taste, and the vegetable accompaniments were simply heated from a can. We tried again, for breakfast, since a diner with mediocre offerings for lunch or dinner can serve up a great breakfast for some reason. Nope, not this time, not here. In fact, "hash browns" (I think I recall that the original Norma's back in the day, not the current incarnation which has no connection to the old Norma's except the name and location, served country pan fried potatoes rather than hash browns) amounted to a rectangular patty, seemingly from the freezer, like one sees in fast food places.

The place has a history that means something. The "Mama" is the original "Norma" of Oak Cliff's famous Norma's, and the daughters (several of them) are in fact her daughters. The daughters worked in the diners until recently, but I understand that they are retired now, and only cook CFS for family for special occasions. But at any rate, for me, the place was not special, even though the CFS was not egg battered and deep fried like the pseudo-product served most places nowadays.

You might want to go for the historical connection. For the food? Not me, not again.

Dave McNeely